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The Locarno Film Festival Archive website aims to make the rich history of the Swiss event since its foundation in 1946 available to all, enhancing its cultural value under a simple and interactive website the wealth various documents and materials previously available only to a limited extent and exclusively on print media. The Locarno Festival Archive on-line is a long-term project: the version we present here should be regarded as a work in progress.

The primary source for this first version were the two volumes published to mark the 40th and 50th anniversaries of the Locarno Festival:

Chronicle and filmography - 50 years
volume 1 : 1946-1987, edited by Roland Cosandey
volume 2 : 1988-1997, ed. Frédéric Maire, assistant ed. Patrizia Pesko
(Edition: Festival international du film de Locarno, 1998)

These volumes supplied the year-by-year accounts of the Festival until 1997 (in French and English), as well as complete listings of all films presented at Locarno from 1946 to the present day (in this latter instance, the filmography has been brought right up to date using material that was already available in digital form). So far as illustrations are concerned, the photographs of current events and personalities from the last five years (i.e. all pictures published annually on the Festival website since 2003) have been grouped together, while for the moment the overview of historical images is limited to a small selection from the much larger collection on paper, but featuring some of the most representative moments and people in the Festival's history.

The 1998-2008 accounts were written especially for this website by Gregory Catella.

In future we hope to bring add further details regarding films and personalities (including putting on line texts and articles from the Festival catalogues and daily newspaper Pardo News), plus enhanced audiovisual and multimedia content.

Promoters of the initiative

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