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  • Ombres informes
  • Shadows Formless
  • by Ashish Avikunthak
  • India
  • 82.0 mins
  • Festival: 2007
  • Section: Concorso Cineasti del presente

The film
Devi, a young housewife, is deserted in cowardly fashion by her husband Madan. Living alone with her sister-in-law Shila in Calcutta, she dreams of passionate romance and a better future. One day a stranger, Rahul, turns up at her door, claiming to have met her and Madan some years ago, when they lived in Alirajpur. As proof of his veracity, he mentions the now separated couple’s shaky and argumentative marriage. Rahul also claims to have been Devi’s lover. Shocked, the young woman denies the whole story, saying she has never left Calcutta or been unfaithful to her husband. However she agrees to lodge the mysterious traveller who continually makes reference to their shared past, which she finds increasingly troubling. After numerous failed attempts to persuade her, Rahul turns to her sister-in-law, who does not believe his story either. After living with the two women for a while he suddenly decides to leave. Devi, appalled at the idea of losing a situation she has begun to enjoy, tries to persuade him that his presence in Calcutta is not due to pure chance, but to her secret desire to find a lover. She even starts believing in their adulterous relationship in Alirajpur. Adapted from Sethu Madhavan’s novel Pandavpuram, Ashish Avikunthak’s first feature film tackles love and loneliness through three sensitive portraits. This modern fable, featuring desire, sensuality and eroticism, deals with problems in male-female relationships. The fine line between dream and reality, two worlds that are both complementary and in opposition, hypnotise the protagonists and insidiously affects their behaviour.

Production Year: 2007

Production country: India

Runtime: 82.0 mins


Website: link

Director: Ashish Avikunthak

Screenplay: Ashish Avikunthak, Moloy Mukherjee

Cinematography: Setu

Music: Nurit Jugend

Sound: Kshtij Rajkumar, Rupak Das

Editing: Mahadeb Shi, Pankaj Rishi Kumar

Contacts and links

Production:  Ashish Avikunthak Productions

World Sales:  Ashish Avikunthak Productions

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