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  • Italy
  • 65.0 mins
  • Festival: 2006
  • Section: Concorso Cineasti del presente

The film
Two students, a male and female, set off for the Italian countryside to interview an elderly writer about his lifestyle and his philosophy. He has lived as a recluse in a dilapidated manor house for over twelve years. When they arrive, the two young people are refused their eagerly anticipated interview but the old man does however offer them hospitality. Waiting for him to change his mind, they settle in and realise that silence and reflection make up the doctrine of the writer and his followers, whom they soon meet. Despite their disappointment – the writer remains silent – the students soon adapt to the meditative life of the household and rediscover their most secret urges which brings them back in touch with their desires and anxieties, thus enabling them to express their personalities: the male student continues a hormonal treatment for a sex change operation, whilst the woman student, after having experienced a degree of well-being, loses herself in wild imaginings. After some time spent with the community, the students, disconnected from reality amongst all this solitude and enforced contemplation, each go their separate ways, and subsequently decline into madness. With Schopenhauer Giovanni Davide Maderna explores contemplation but also the dangers of excessive introspection. In the first part of the film, he uses a series of static shots to describe the tranquillity that meditation can induce, as well as the importance and enrichment of profound reflection on the meaning of life. Deliberately blurring any notion of temporality, the director then highlights, via stunning pan shots, the pitfalls of an excessive passion for meditation which, in the end, destroys the lives of the protagonists as they seek their identity.

Production Year: 2006

Production country: Italy

Runtime: 65.0 mins


Cinematography: Massimo Schiavon

Sound: Marino Marč, Marco Foretti, Leonardo Baldini

Editing: Paola Freddi

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