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Calin Netzer



The director
Calin Netzer was born in 1975 in Petrsani in Romania. In 1983 he emigrated to Germany with his parents. His family lived in Stuttgart where he completed his education. After graduating from high school, in 1994 he entered the Bucharest Theatre and Film University and passed his diploma in directing in 1999. Maria is an adaptation of the well-received short film of the same title that he had made in 1997, winner of the Special Jury Prize and Distribution Prize at the Berlin Festival in 1997, and the Grand Prix for Best Short at Barcelona in 1998.

Director’s statement
Maria is a film that presents a destiny. In a desperate situation, a woman chooses prostitution as a last-ditch solution and sends for her seven children. Beyond the implications of this (real) case, the film also depicts the struggle against the adversities of a seemingly never-ending, most scarring transition. Ion, Milco and Mala are characters who try to make a change in their lives. In fact for them this change means nothing more than survival. Unemployed people, prostitutes who accost truckers at road junctions, tenants of flats who can no longer afford to pay the maintenance, two-bit crooks: all live a chaotic ruthless vie. Still, responsibility, friendship, even love, are not absent from the picture. Yet none of these characters can actually alter their destiny. With the exception of Maria. Moved by her plight, the authorities decide to come to her assistance. But this tiny flicker of hope soon dies out. And disappointment turns to tragedy. Maria will pay with her life for a moment of dignity. The film brings into the limelight a tragic guilt that in a way is redeemed by the power of sacrifice.

Films presented at the Festival




1994 RAG BALL (cm)
1995 DRY EYES (cm)
1996 HOT LINE (cm)
1997 MARIA (cm)
2003 MARIA

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