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Mohammad Shirvani



The director
Mohammad Shirvani was born in 1973 in Teheran, into a family whose religious convictions made them strongly oppose his artistic aspirations, and particularly his passion for film. Refusing to comply with their wishes, he began to paint, and joined a theatre troupe; his frequent stage performances enabled him to overcome his shyness, and above all, to free him of his family’s influence. Finally his father, a career army officer, made him enroll at military school to avoid conscription during the war, and after seven years in the army Mohammad finally managed to make his first short film Dayereh, in 1999. Another five shorts followed, including Kandida (2000), Eteraz kardan (2001) and Konserve irani (2004), as well as a pop art video film Shahre Aram en 2005. Meanwhile, in 2003 he founded the company Shirvani Bros. Pictures with his brother Ali. Raiees Jomhour Mir Qanbar is his first documentary film.

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