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Historia de la meva mort

  • Story of My Death
  • by Albert Serra
  • 148.0 mins
  • Festival: 2013
  • Section: Concorso internazionale

Awards: Pardo d'oro

Casanova gets to know his new manservant, who will bear witness to his final days of life. Leaving  a French château with its typical 18th century atmosphere of licentiousness, he spends his final days in impoverished, dismal northern Europe. There, his world of frivolity and high society, as well as his Enlightenment rationalism, crumble when faced with a new, violent, esoteric and romantic force represented by Dracula and his eternal power.

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 148.0 mins

Subtitles: Inglese

Director: Albert Serra

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Production:  Andergraun Films

World Sales:  Capricci

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