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Un amour de jeunesse

  • Goodbye First Love
  • by Mia Hansen-LÝve
  • 110.0 mins
  • Festival: 2011
  • Section: Concorso internazionale

Awards: Special Mention (International Competition)

Paris, winter 1999. Camille, 15, and Sullivan, 19, are passionately in love, but Sullivan wants to go to South America for a year, which tears the young girl apart. At the end of the summer Sullivan leaves, and after a few months he stops writing to Camille. In spring, Camille attempts suicide.†2003. Camille is concentrating on her architectural studies, and gets to know a famous architect, Lorenz, who restores her self-confidence and with whom she falls in love.†2007. Camille and Lorenz are well established as a couple. Camille is his assistant, but she wants to start her own practice, and comes across Sullivan again. Despite an initially cool first encounter, their love affair starts over. She has never stopped loving him. Camilleís heart is now caught between two loves.

Production Year: 2010

Runtime: 110.0 mins

Subtitles: Inglese

Director: Mia Hansen-LÝve

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Production:  Razor Films
Les Films Pellťas
Les Films Pellťas
Les Films Pellťas

World Sales:  Films Distribution

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