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  • by Andrew Kötting
  • France
  • 98.0 mins
  • Festival: 2009
  • Section: Concorso Cineasti del presente

The film
Ivul recounts the extraordinary story of Alex (Jacob Auzanneau), a young boy who, when his father accuses him of abusing his sister Freya, crawls onto the roof of the house and refuses to ever come down again. His obstinacy will bring about the destruction of his family: his father Andrei (Jean-Luc Bideau), a Russian in love with nature and trees, succumbs to an attack that confines him to his bed, his mother Marie (Aurélia Petit) drowns her sorrows in alcohol, while Freya (Adélaide Leroux) leaves for Russia, and the twin girls (Manon and Capucine Aubriot) offer a form of rescue and support that is nonetheless macabre. Alex Ivul is to have a short and dramatic life, but will not break his oath to never again set foot on the ground... A hybrid mix of fairytale and nightmare imagery, Ivul is a work of visionary and bewitching wonder. Its visual power lies in Andrew Kötting’s aesthetic choice to give a disturbing life of their own to the mysterious forest landscapes as well as the dark corners of the old manor house where the family live... Operating to an internal logic all of its own, somewhere between re-interpreted mythology and a touch of the comic strip, Ivul is full of surrealistic melancholy. Reinventing a structural approach, the filmmaker continuously raises issues of identity, be they that of his characters, the community they live in, or the story to which they belong. This leads to a deeper interrogation of the identity of film as a medium. Ivul represents both Andrew Kötting’s interest in form and his refusal to restrict himself to conventional ideas of mise en scčne. This open-mindedness and constant questioning make the film feel like a UFO arriving with all the impetus of boundless new energy.

Production Year: 2009

Production country: France

Paese/i co-produzione: SWITZERLAND

Runtime: 98.0 mins


Director: Andrew Kötting

Screenplay: Andrew Kötting, John Cheetham, Andrew Mitchell

Cinematography: Nick Gordon-Smith, Gary Parker

Music: Christian Garcia

Sound: Bruno Auzet, Philippe Ciompi

Editing: David Dusa, Baptiste Evrard

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