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  • The Goat
  • by Adolfo Alix Jr.
  • Philippines
  • 90.0 mins
  • Festival: 2007
  • Section: Ici et Ailleurs

The film
In the small village of Chavayan in the Batanes province of the Philippines, the inhabitants are about to celebrate the opening of the fishing season with a rite called la paypatawen. The ceremony involves a shaman sacrificing a pig to guarantee an abundance of fish. Peping, a young boy, wakes up and realises that his goat Gima has disappeared. As she is the family’s only source of income, Peping decides not to mention her disappearance to his grandmother and sets off to find her, accompanied by his little sister Lita. The two children spend the day searching the whole island; and undergoing many trials and tribulations, they must overcome their despair and frustration to finally achieve their goal. A naturalist odyssey, Kaddin is a sober account of a child’s rite of passage as he discovers that goodness and cruelty often co-exist in close proximity.

Production Year: 2007

Production country: Philippines

Runtime: 90.0 mins


Director: Adolfo Alix Jr.

Screenplay: Adolfo Alix Jr.

Cinematography: Rodolfo Aves Jr.

Music: Jerrold Tarog

Sound: Ditoy Aguila

Editing: Aleks Castaneda

Contacts and links

Production:  Noble Wolf

World Sales:  Ignatius Films

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