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  • by Thomas Imbach
  • Switzerland/Germany
  • 97.0 mins
  • Festival: 2006
  • Section: Appellations Suisse

The film
Lenz leaves Berlin for the Vosges to experience the atmosphere that inspired the German author Georg Büchner when he was writing Lenz, an unfinished short story. But then, wishing to see his nine year old son, Noah, he abandons the Alsatian landscapes for the Swiss alps. With Noah’s help, he manages to sees his ex-wife, Natalie, with whom he is still in love. They become close again and manage to recreate a happy family life for the three of them. However, this happiness proves short-lived, a major factor being Lenz’s unstable behaviour. Inspired by the Georg Büchner short story – an imaginative account of an episode in the life of an 18th century German poet called Lenz – Thomas Imbach follows the same approach as the writer by taking real events as the basis for fiction; the Lenz in the film, like his literary homonym, is a tortured visionary, swinging from euphoria to despair.

Production Year: 2006

Production country: Switzerland/Germany

Runtime: 97.0 mins


Website: link

Director: Thomas Imbach

Screenplay: Thomas Imbach

Cinematography: Jürg Hassler, Thomas Imbach

Music: Peter Bräker, Balz Bachmann

Sound: Peter Bräker, Samuel Ammann

Editing: Thomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler, Patrizia Stotz

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